An asteroid hitting Earth is 'guaranteed' to happen

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ANU astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr Brad Tucker says it is “guaranteed” the Earth will be hit by an asteroid but it will be far into the future.

“It’s guaranteed we will be hit by one but when I say that it doesn’t mean tomorrow or the next decade, it may even be the next hundred years,” he told Sky News Australia.

Dr Tucker said in 2013 an asteroid believed to be eight to 15 metres wide blew up over Chelyabinsk in Russia and did massive amounts of damage when it split into approximately 1,000 pieces.

“These things that are 50, 100, a couple of hundred metres in diameter hit the Earth maybe every century, every two centuries,” he said.

Dr Tucker said smaller asteroids are the “ones we’re worried about” as larger asteroids are easier to find.

“It’s these smaller ones that slip by, hit the Earth more, and we know will hit at some point,” he said.
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